The Internet of things manufacturing – Industry 4.0

Posted on 26 Jul 2018

Just as it’s changed so many aspects of the modern world, the internet is rapidly changing the face of manufacturing.

That’s why Aotea Managing Director, Peter Thompson, joined a delegation of 25 Australian and New Zealand manufacturers at the Internet of Things Manufacturing Conference Chicago last June.

Led by Callaghan Innovation, The Employers & Manufacturers Association and the Manufacturers Network, the delegation was exposed to cutting edge businesses that have adopted this technology, also known as Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution.

During the trip, Peter also introduced the delegation to HAAS Automation and the TRUMPF Smart Factory to see some of the latest machines, process automation, manufacturing techniques and technology.

At Aotea, we’re committed to providing NZ manufacturing with machines that mean business and that extends to working with Callaghan Innovation to implement the benefits of Industry 4.0 here.

To remain competitive in the 21st Century global market, manufacturers are facing pressure to innovate. Industry 4.0 initiatives, including process automation, real-time process monitoring, additive manufacturing (3D Printing) and virtual and augmented reality visualisation, are here now and will be part of the future.

You can be assured that Aotea, working with partners like Callaghan Innovation, has the machines that mean business, and the technology, to deliver in this new age of Industry 4.0.

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