At last, a nibbler for fibre composite material

Posted on 13 Feb 2019

The world’s first nibbler for manual cutting of fibre composite materials, the TRUMPF FCN 250 TruTool cuts clean edges accurately without fraying or delamination. During the separation of the material, the FCN 250 also minimises harmful dust.

Easy to handle, it provides a clear view of the cutting line, allowing you to cut flexibly in any desired direction. This means you can quickly and accurately process work pieces even if they’re three-dimensional or in hard to reach places. The FCN 250 has an extremely high curve flexibility so you can make precise cut-outs on scribed lines as well as cutting straight lines or working in narrow radii.

The FCN 250 cuts all common fibre composite materials, including cord carbon fibre and aramide, and produces significantly lower levels of dust compared to competitive processes. In fact, the punched out material forms in chips that can be swept together without creating any dust. If you prefer, these chips can even be removed directly by using a suction attachment.

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