Where Fabrication and Machining overlap you can save big time!

If you manufacture parts using both fabrication and machining, perhaps they could be produced more economically with a little sheet metal 'know-how' and some 'outside-the-box' thinking.

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Shop Floor Lasers

This new e-magazine focuses on laser-cutting, marking and welding technologies and is written by top laser experts in the industry.


TRUMPF TRUe magazine

The latest edition of TRUMPF TRUe Magazine is now available featuring Industry 4.0 and a number of success stories from the world of sheet metal manufacturing.


On top in roofing

If you attended the RANZ Trade Expo in July you would have seen the range of TRUMPF TruTools specifically designed for the roofing industry.


The Internet of things manufacturing – Industry 4.0

Just as it’s changed so many aspects of the modern world, the internet is rapidly changing the face of manufacturing. That’s why AOTEA Managing Director, Peter Thompson, joined a delegation of 25 Australian and New Zealand manufacturers at the Internet of Things Manufacturing Conference Chicago last June.


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